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About Us

The origin of Little Giant

We took our name from the "Little Giant" Music Store which opened back in 1948 under the name Casa Mendoza, located at 3218 E. 91st St. In the early '60s, Renee-Mendoza moved to 9121 S. Commercial Ave.  And finally "Little GIant" of South Chicago was firmly planted at 9126 S. Commercial Ave.  If you were shopping Uptown, you were stopping at "Little Giant."  Mr. Mendoza retired in 1993 after enjoying 45 years of success.  We asked permission to use the name to keep the memories of all of us, and all of you, alive!

Little Giant....It's A South Chicago Thing.

What is the Little Giant Experience

Little Giant is inspired by a burning desire to "Keep Alive," the music and memories from our past.  The band's performance attempts to bring back the same feelings that touched the hearts of pop/rock music fans in the 1960's.

Our Influences

1960's American Pop, Rock and Roll, and British Invasion.

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Check out this great video